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Connecting Math to Our Lives Project- Main Page
Connecting Math to Our Lives Project- Main Page
Connecting Math: Just for Fun Activities

Mathematics is often seen as serious, abstract and difficult. In the Just for Fun activities students can discover and share the playful side of math. In this way they were challenged to come up with solutions as they played, while at the same time learning about currencies, legends, customs, and life in general in other parts of the world.

The Pearls Story
Fibonacci Numbers
12 Bags of Gold
Nine coins
7 Numbers
"Qwerty" Keyboards
Buying and Selling
Math and History
Seven Apples
Imaginary Clock
Magic Inversions
In a Yard
Ten Oranges
A Famous Problem
Ten Sparrows
Two Teams of Woodcutters
Definition of function Rolle
Two Functions Rolle 1
Two Functions Rolle 2
How to Play SKUNK
Ionel and his Friends